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Permanent Electrical Leak Monitoring (PELM) System


The PELM System is an electrical monitoring system which contains permanently buried sensors that measure and locate penetrations throughout a geomembrane-lined area.  This system provides our clients the ability to monitor their impoundment on an as-needed basis.  A liner integrity survey from the PELM System can be self-performed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly by the client or a BLD technician.  Prior to installation of the geomembrane, stainless-steel plate electrodes will be permanently buried in columns and rows creating a grid system pattern throughout the entire cell.  Stainless-steel source electrodes will also be permanently buried.  If feasible, surveying the location of each plate and source electrode by a third party GPS land surveyor may be required for leak detection accuracy.  All electrodes will be attached via insulated stranded copper wires that are all connected to a PELM Station.  



At the PELM Station, all data will be collected by using an earth resistivity meter.  After data is collected, prominent, reliable results are analyzed, and is presented through a custom-made leak detection software.  Further investigation for any suspect areas may require additional survey methods to pinpoint the source.


A custom-made leak detection software displaying a contour map of a simulated leak signal

A custom-made leak detection software displaying a linear graph of a simulated leak signal


Various types of custom-made leak detection software can be created by our software design team depending on the application.  Linear, 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional software analysis programs and tools may be generated per client requirements.